Reykjavik Car Rental, Tips, and Iceland Tourist Destination

You'll get some advantages when you hire a vehicle from Keflavik or Reykjavik car rental. Driving a vehicle gives you comfort and freedom to explore amazing nature. At your own time and speed.

The self-drive tour has more and more fans. The main reason is that tourists have more flexible time. They can plan their own trips and choose the attractions they will visit.

But driving a car in Iceland is not the same as when they drive most vehicles in their place of origin. The Iceland landscape has its own challenges. The weather can change at any time or rough unpaved roads.

Of course, most of them have no experience with these tracks. Especially if this is their first visit. If you are one of them and you are looking for information about car rentals and tourist destinations in Iceland, you come to the right place.

We will provide complete and clear information about what you need.

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Reykjavik and Keflavik are the Most Car Rental Places in Iceland

Do you want to know where the biggest car rental base in Iceland? The answer is Reykjavik and Keflavik (an international airport, the distance is forty minutes from Reykjavik).

As travelers, your best plan is to rent a car from the international airport. Next, you can return it in time to the rental company before your departure flight. You can follow this way if you want to drive all the time in Iceland.

It doesn't matter when you arrive at daytime or midnight. You can pick up the car at any time.  The airport always operates 24/7. You can choose to rent a car from Reykjavik capital when you want to use it as part of transportation from your stay. Take it easy.

Or another best option that could possible to do is to pick up the vehicle at Keflavik. You can drop off the car in Reykjavik or vice versa after you have used it.

Try to get one that doesn't require additional fees for pick up or drop-off. Do some research before you choose a car rental company in Iceland.

Some car rental companies are spread throughout the region, such as:
  • Akureyri
  • Siglufjörður
  • Egilsstaðir
  • Höfn
  • Selfoss
  • Westman Islands
  • Patreksfjörður
  • Ísafjörður
  • Ólafsvík
In the countryside of Iceland, you might find only one or two car rental places. Maybe you have a limited choice of cars in that area. Most car hire companies are located in large cities.

You can contact the auto hire company if you want to rent a car outside the Reykjavik area. They also can pick you from the hotel where you stay. It should be free of charge. Try to get as many important notes as you required related to your awesome self-drive tour in Iceland.

reykjavik car rental and driving in Iceland
Winter driving in Iceland

This is the Reason Why You have to Put Iceland on Your Vacation List and Interesting Tourist Spots to Visit

For those of you who want to experience the new sensation of adventure that triggers adrenaline, Iceland is the right choice. This region has fantastic landscapes and because of its diversity.

This is another beautiful terrain with endless possibilities.

These landscapes stretch like paintings in dreams. Anyone who sees it will be amazed. This is the main reason why tourists continue to arrive from time to time.

Make Iceland as their favorite destination.

Not only that, many young people come every weekend. They come for fun, exploring cafes or pubs in the capital, Reykjavik.

Lots of backpackers who want to be adventurers. They come from various countries. Get off the plane, full of passengers and tourists.

They have a plan, excited, and immediately left Reykjavik to explore the other wild areas.

You will see them so enthusiastic to enjoy the trip.  Explore the snowfield, steep terrain or set up tents in the vast Icelandic desert. Amazing life and experience that will not be forgotten for life.

If this is your first visit, you can use the Reykjavik car rental to give you the convenience and freedom to explore the Icelandic nature.

Snæfellsnesjökull Glacier

Visit the western peninsula. Try to cross the Snæfellsnesjökull glacier at Snæfellsnes with a snowmobile. There you can see the steep mountain views with white tundra.

You can enjoy the amazing view from the top of the glacier when you get good weather.

From the snowmobile, you can see the vast northern Atlantic Ocean. It comes from here and continues to point to the mountain.


If you are an animal lover, especially birds then Látrabjarg (West Fjords) is the right destination for you.

You can see the big cliff dangling as the biggest place in the world for birds. There are various types of birds that nest on this cliff including the largest razorbill colonies in the world.

Icelandic puffins that look weird will surely impress you. Even though you are just an observer and not a bird lover.

Westman Island is a haven for puffin populations.

This is their biggest home in Iceland. There is no better place if you want to find them in a large number other than here.

Látrabjarg puffin bird on the cliff

You can try to shake Ystiklettur's jagged cliffs and find some puffins there with the locals.

Húsavík Whale Center

You can even see species of whales in the wild. Looking directly at a whale with your eyes will surely blow your mind. In fact, this is one of the amazing adventures spots in Iceland. Wherever you are in Iceland at this time, you will surely find a boat ready to take you to the location of humpback or minke whales. The best whale watching spot is in Húsavík, north Iceland. You can be surprised to see a whale that welcomes you and your friends through its fin movements. You will find many interesting and memorable experiences to tell after visiting the Húsavík Whale Center.

Salmon and Trout Everywhere

Iceland is a paradise for anglers. This place is a favorite destination for wild salmon anglers from all over the world. North Atlantic salmon move through wild river routes and continue to flow through open farmland, steep volcanic mountains, and deep natural valleys. Here you are like having a private river. Fishing spots spread wide wherever you want. This is the best part besides taking salmon by hand directly from glacial rivers like giant Grizzly Bear.

The salmon season runs from mid-June to mid-September. While trout season is in April or May to September or October. But this season can be different for each river. Ice fishing will be a valuable experience for you. Don't forget to use a thick and warm jacket to protect you from the cold. If you want something more, then you can ask for services from companies that are willing to take you to deeper waters. Some locations in various parts of the country often hold fishing tournaments. The sea fishing season usually takes place from the end of May to the end of August. So why don't you try to join a tournament and prove that you are the best angler or just to give a fun new experience?

Mount Esja and Lake Myvatn

For hikers, nature of Iceland provides its own challenges and experiences. Terrain with mass lava flows, deep lake, glaciers, and the black sand will provide a lot of new unforgettable sights by foot. So, if you are climbers, don't miss the eternal landmark of Reykjavik, Mount Esja. From the top, you can see the charming views of southwest Iceland. Feel the sensation when climbing the mountain during the summer when the sun hangs in the horizon throughout the night light. Another spot that hikers need to visit is Lake Myvatn, which is located in the northern Iceland region. This lake is a place of the largest duck species population in Europe. The volcanic landscape is seen to have many eruptions and is where the Mars Association trains.

Midnight Golf

Although at first glance it seems strange in reality, Iceland has many golf courses. In summer, this windy harsh climate can be the main goal for golfers to swing the stick from morning to night. If you have the same hobby, you can come in June because the Arctic Open took place with Akureyri as the host of the event. You can contact the local tourism office to get some additional information. If your business is finished, then be prepared to hit a golf ball out there.

Soak in a Geothermal Pond

Soaking in natural geothermal hot tubs is one of the most popular outdoor activities in Iceland. So, even though it is winter time, swimming is a fun activity that needs to be done. This is not surprising, because in the summer you will see a lot of Icelandic people who do. They relax together in a warm pool. If you want something else like a thermal beach then you can head to Nauthólsvík located in the remote bay of Reykjavik. You can visit various geothermal hot springs in Iceland. It's not complete if you don't set foot in the most popular tourist spots there, Blue Lagoon.

Diving and Snorkeling

Diving and snorkeling between the two continents give a tremendous sensation. Yes, in Iceland you can do it. You can visit Silfra on the great Thingvellir beautiful lake which is located in the natural Thingvellir National Park. This is one of the Unesco world heritage sites. Silfra is a sharp ravine created by the continental drift of Europe and America tectonic plates a long time ago. This gap contains water from underground wells that have been flowing through lava fields for decades. Crystal clears visibility up to 100 meters presents you a view of the landscape underwater steep rock walls were outstanding.

Another spectacular dive spot is Strýtan located in the Eyjafjörður fjord. Is an ancient geothermal chimney. For more than ten thousand years, a seventy meter deep hot spring from the ocean had created no less than fifty-five meters of the chimney.

River Rafting

Don't forget the existence of rivers in Iceland. You can do rafting with your family or friends with fun. Participants can get unique insights regarding natural forces in the Icelandic landscape. A solid rubber raft will be your vehicle when wading through the river with heavy rapids and deep trenches. Don't worry, you will be accompanied by an experienced guide who will give you instructions and ensure that all safety procedures are followed. There are various levels of difficulty that you can adjust, whether it's an easy level for the family or a higher level for extraordinary sensation seekers.

Speaking further about rafting, participants will use high-quality equipment to ensure safety. Supporting equipment such as wet shoes, helmets, safety vests, and special wetsuits are available. The guide will also explain all aspects of safety carefully. Like how participants use their oars. But don't forget to bring extra underwear and towels.

If you are a beginner then you can try rafting on the Hvítá in South Iceland river. Whereas if you have experience and want to trigger higher adrenaline then you can try the Jökulsá river, in Skagafjördur. Both of these areas have very experienced guides, so you will always be safe when doing activities.

All the thrills of an amazing natural travel vacation are in Iceland. From kayaking and rafting, jip safaris, to diving and snorkeling. This is a fantasy area where only your imagination is the limit of your extraordinary adventure.

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Which Vehicle Do You Choose, 2WD or 4WD?

When you arrive in Iceland and decide to rent a car, which one will you choose, is it two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive?.

Actually, there are two important factors that you need to know to answer that question. First, the time when you come. Is it winter or not? Second, where are you going to travel? Do you only travel using the main road or you plan to go through harder terrain?

Well, this time we will discuss two choices that often make beginners difficult to make decisions.

Two-wheel drive 

The general rule of thumb for a 2WD car is when you come in the summer, then using it will be fine. But of course, this also depends on where you are going. If you only go to places like Reykjavik, and the Ring Road, then 2WD cars can be used for the purpose of the trip. The reason for that isn't difficult to drive along the road. Almost all the roads are paved. You don't need to worry about the effects of weather such as snow or ice.

Another advantage is in terms of economics. By renting this type of vehicle you can save a lot of money because the rental price is much cheaper. While the only drawback is when you want to visit a place with a little-beaten path or some highland area or the interior roads.

Four-wheel drive

If you want to visit any highland area with interior roads, this type of vehicle is the right choice to pick from the car rental company. Interior roads or F roads are roads that lead to interior parts of the country. So, for example, when you drive using a 2WD vehicle and cross the road, say that road has a sign F 227, then you absolutely can't go on that road with your car.

The logical reason behind that is F roads isn't well maintained. This road has gravel, potholes everywhere, not only that because this path can also have a river in front of it. This means you have to cross the river with a four-wheel drive vehicle if you plan to continue through the road.

You can always drive safely in Iceland. But always be careful and prioritize safety when you cross F roads because this road can be very dangerous. The good news is that usually, most car rental companies in Reykjavik or Iceland will put an orange warning sticker on the car's dashboard that tells you if the vehicle you are using can go through F roads or not. The aim is solely for the sake of your safety.

The use of 4WD cars is also recommended during winter. The reasons are simply because Iceland doesn't maintain all parts of the roads as well as you might expect. So even though you are an experienced driver, it would be better if it remained safe rather than sorry.

Traveling around Iceland by car is a valuable experience. You start a new and long journey here. So, try to always save your money. Choose the car rental with the best and reliable service. Don't forget, always try to get a discount on each car you choose. Have a nice trip!

Things That Don't and You Have to Do While Driving in Iceland

So you have chosen the best vehicle at the car rental company for an exciting and loved a road trip. Now we will discuss how to keep you safe driving in Iceland. There are some things that you should not do here. Because the sense of responsibility plays a major role in the safety of you and others and helps maintain the natural beauty of Iceland.

Please follow the guidelines below so that you are always safe on the way to your destination.

1. Don't Stop On The Side Of The Road

If this is your first visit to Iceland, maybe you've seen how to photograph the roads here. Looks like two tiny lines, no road shoulders. This means that if you get off the track it will be very dangerous. Therefore, it will put anyone in danger when you stop your car on the roadside.

Think again if you want to pull over to take photos even though you see a natural beauty out there. Because you will never know what goes ahead or behind you when you are busy taking photos. In fact, this has become a number of causes of fatal accidents on the streets of Iceland. So be careful on the trip. If you really need a place to pull over then look for a small driveway or something like that and you can start taking photos.

2. Please Don't Drive Offroad

If you care about the legacy of Iceland's eternal beauty, please don't drive offroad. So if the road isn't yet available to be used to go to a place, don't go through it. You can help by not drive in the sand, or in the moss because it can destroy nature. In addition, often this action can cause tracks left behind permanently damaged. Iceland is a place that is visited by people from various parts of the world. Of course, dragging offroad is just really devastating nature.

3. Always Use Seat Belts and Headlights

Always make sure your headlights are on when driving in Iceland. Use a seat belt wherever you travel. Sometimes extreme weather can make visibility limited. So the car lights will help signal other vehicles that come to see you.

4. Watch Lots of Sheep on the Road

Sheep are the number one hazard for drivers in Iceland. It's the cattle from the countryside in large numbers. Sometimes some of them escape from the owner's control and cross the road. The sheep are sometimes seen on the roadside. So slow down your vehicle when you see it. Of course, you don't want to hurt yourself or them clearly.

5. Don't speed

If you want to speed in Iceland then you should think twice about doing it. Actually, the speed limit on the Ring Road or most other roads in Iceland is 90 km/h or 55 miles/hour. Even though you want to get to your destination right away but believe me, there are many speed cameras along Iceland's roads that are watching over you.

Even though you don't see any police patrolling the street but the camera can take your car's license plate when you commit a violation. Then the ticket will be sent to the car rental company. So you can't get away and have to pay a very expensive fine. Even these fines can reach thousands of dollars depending on how far you have violated. So, don't speed up and always be careful.

7. Always Refuel Your Car if There Is a Chance

Another tip that is no less important is to always refuel at any time if there is a chance. Remember that there are parts of the main ring road that do not have fuel stations over long distances. Therefore, make sure that your vehicle's fuel tank is always full so that you are not stranded in the cold of Iceland.

8. Obey road signs

Previously you already knew the guide on how to choose a vehicle for F roads. Another important thing is to always read the signs and understand if the road is closed or impassable. So you should always obey road signs. Because if you only take shortcuts or anything with an impassable sign then you will face many problems related to you, the vehicle, and even with the law.

9. Check the Route

Before you travel always check the road conditions in the morning. You can monitor it through cameras that are located along the road easily. So you can find out whether the road you are going to go through is slippery or closed so you can plan alternative routes. These checks will make you and your friends are fine the way.

Alright, guys, that's road tripping and tips to help you make an amazing trip to Iceland. Just try to find the best Reykjavik car rental that suits your need. No matter what, but please always be safe and respect Iceland nature so that everyone can enjoy it. Hopefully, you can get the best trip of your life here.