What Kind of Car Should I Rent in Iceland?

Do you have no idea about what car you will choose when you have a driving plan in Iceland? Take it easy, you are not alone in this doubt. Many people out there ask the same thing. Therefore, we want to help you to find the right car so you can drive comfortably in Iceland. But, you should start by reading what types of cars are generally available in rental companies in Iceland. After understanding it you can easily make the right vehicle reservation.


Types of Vehicles Available in Car Rental Companies in Iceland

The following are the types of vehicles that you can choose from at most car rentals in Iceland.


In automobile rental, economy cars are normally modest. In fact, this type of car is the 2nd smallest model of automobile you may rent. At least at this time. Anyway, they are good for city roads driving. Besides that, its suitable for four people on shorter excursions or a few people for longer road trips.

Rental companies often change their fleet as part of service and maintenance plans. Even so, they frequently do not know precisely which cars will be available as ready stock.  This is because some cars will need regular cleaning, servicing, equipment or spare parts replacement, and repairing the damage. So, some of the cars need to rest from their task.

This is reasonable, why every rental car has a similar vehicle next to the brand and model you find. As your reference, if you choose to rent an economy car then the equal choice of similar vehicles is other market cars.

The group of economic cars is on top of mini cars but under compact cars. The cars have almost the same specifications but look different outside.

However, all car has the same engine size type, passenger capacity, and luggage storage space or baggage. So, economy cars are almost always become the main choice for budget travelers. Because indeed the price is affordable even though this is relative.

If you pay attention, one of the most economically sized cars found in Iceland rentals is the Volkswagen Polo, which is similar or comparable to the two-door Volkswagen Golf. They are offered in automatic and manual transmissions.

Based on availability of the rental car, you can pick up gasoline or a diesel-fueled type, and both can generally receive at least 30-35 mpg. There is room for 4 adults, two medium-sized suitcases, and a small carry on bag.


The types of compact cars are of medium size. You can say it's a not too small size rather than over a big. A description defines the compact class car.

Being in the middle of the of this subcompact fleet and midsize groups, a compact vehicle is roomy enough for smaller families, as it provides plenty of extra space for a couple of passengers and is still a popular choice due to the affordable rental price.

Initially, small family cars began to gain popularity throughout Europe in around 1960. This car was able to complete the requirements of the public, namely vehicles that are cleaner than small economy cars, but smaller than large sedans. In large Iceland large city like Reykjavik, you will most likely find many compact cars on the road.

Trends towards maximum size continue to be developed since the version of the small car began to be known by many people. Therefore, in this aspect, the compact rental car model provides what the customer wants.

By observing the specifications of the size of a compact car rental that is located between large and small, this type of vehicle is able to provide support by providing extra interior space for passengers, as well as a wider baggage area maximally.

Small compact cars are the perfect choice for additional storage space and provide you with ease of travel. Because European vehicle models tend to be smaller and roads are generally thinner.

In addition, compact cars also have excellent safety standards and fuel efficiency systems that can save money and reduce pollution. The use of fuel can be said to be comparable to economy class. However, the advantage is that the size of a larger car body and extra safety features make the driver and passengers safer and more comfortable during the trip.


Intermediate cars are bigger than compact cars, and smaller compared to standard cars. Learn what to expect if you book an intermediate car. If you select a car model that's classed as intermediate, you won't automatically receive the specific manufacturer and model you chose.

However, you'll find a vehicle that is also classed as intermediate. This means it will be much more or less the same size, with the exact same sort of gearbox, exactly the same variety of doors and chairs, etc.

An intermediate car rental is the perfect size automobile for families looking for extra luggage space or bigger groups packing lightly. Some common midsize cars in Iceland are the Toyota Corolla, Chevrolet Cruze,  and the Mazda3.  That is similar in dimension to the Ford Contour in the US.

These cars version seats up to five passengers, with approximately fifteen to seventeen cubic feet of luggage space. This accommodates about three to four medium size bags or suitcases.

Cars in this group category are suitable for small groups or small families who want more storage for items, and a bit more legroom.

The best mid-size cars in this category are also equipped and meet optimal safety standards. Being able to make your trip and your family or friends much easier. A strong car body structure alone can bring many middle-class SUV drivers and passengers or sedans feel safer and more comfortable during their trip to Iceland through foreign cities.

Full Size

A full-size automobile in Iceland is the best option for families looking for a powerful yet comfortable vehicle. Some of the usual full-size cars in Iceland are the Volvo V70, Audi A4, or BMW 3-Series. These cars will adapt around four medium bags or suitcases.

Based on the travel experience you are looking for, travel needs such as the number of passengers and luggage, a full-size car rental may or may not make it the most suitable for you. In comparison, a large size sedan or SUV gives you the most possible storage space and passengers. Make family trips throughout Iceland a lot simpler.

Reflecting on the current gas prices in Iceland, you might add significant costs to your travel budget, because these cars are not a very efficient type of fuel. At last, whether or not a full-size vehicle type makes sense depends on where you look, and what you plan to see and do when you are in Iceland.


An SUV car rental in Iceland is the best alternative for families searching for a safe yet luxuries car or truck. If you look at the current version it offers around 15-20 mph beside a comfortable seat that can accommodate up to five passengers.

Additional features such as ski racks, GPS, Wifi, snow tires for child seats and more, renting an SUV in Iceland offers tourists with flexibility, relaxation and plenty of space to enjoy some of the most beautiful drives on earth.

Maybe you have read before, there are many benefits to driving an SUV. The sturdy vehicle gives you extra space and better safety. But, they often come with further advantages of having an automatic transmission (which may be difficult to find when renting a vehicle in several other European countries).

Below are some of the most common reasons why many customers decide to rent an SUV in Iceland:

  • Good security - The dimensions of the vehicle make it safe enough, and the four-wheel drive is good for traveling in bad weather or even in rough mountainous terrain or for driving on F Roads.
  • Adequate space - Packing all your luggage and equipment in a small (SUV) is not a problem.

The availability of additional baggage area and focus on passenger comfort is an important part of the customer's appeal to choose to drive an SUV. Those traveling with kids soon realize that relaxation is vital to enjoying a successful road trip.

But maybe there are several reasons why you want to consider choosing a different type of vehicle. As follows.

  • Ease of maneuvering - When you spend a few days in a particular city, you need to realize that getting and parking around narrow streets will be much easier with smaller cars.
  • The cost of others type such as the compact or midsize vehicle is going to be a good deal less expensive.
  • Fuel saving - the purchase price of gas is relatively very expensive in Iceland. So renting a fuel-friendly vehicle can really help you save your travel budget.

If you organize highland trips, travel with children in the winter, or aspire to explore other rocky landscapes or F roads, then driving an SUV in Iceland or some other destination on the planet may be an extraordinary choice.

Like every choice, you can't have everything. But for most tourists who come to Iceland, SUVs are one of the best choices for rented motorized vehicles for self-drive tours.


This type of car will take you to explore these landscapes in comfort and expensive style.

What can be better than driving along the Ring Road with Mercedes Benz GLE Luxury or Land Rover Discovery 4x4 Luxury? Iceland's luxury car rental has a huge option of exotic auto rentals. Including some nice series of BMW's and a variety of Mercedes classes and Porsche models.

Luxury car rentals offer customers many choices for renting lots of different luxury vehicles. These vehicles range from luxury, exotic cars to agile sports cars and executive versions that are very affordable. Equipped with facilities for your comfort and safety.

This is a great choice when you are on vacation with family or traveling for business, or are planning a long stay and want to improve your trip with some of the best, safest and most enjoyable vehicles to drive.

So, do you now have a plan regarding the type of vehicle that you will rent? In addition to explanations of the above categories, you should also know about whether you need to use 2WD or 4WD cars. Hopefully, you can find the right car for your trip to Iceland.

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