Reykjavik Airport Car Rental Companies and Tips

Like most prospective tourists who plan their visit to Iceland, you might want to know about Reykjavik airport car rental companies that can be your choice. Driving your own vehicle can give you the freedom to explore. Unlike using public transportation that has limited access to certain places.

For this reason, many people decide to rent a vehicle. Especially if they are planning to do a self-drive tour that has become a major plan for tourists. Therefore we would like to share with you some auto hire companies located around the airport in the capital city of Iceland.

Car Rental Companies In Reykjavik Airport

Reykjavík as Iceland capital become the main destination gate for most tourists. The attraction spots are best to research on your own. With a rental car, you have exceeded the expectations of public transportation for road trips. Especially if you get a reasonable price after doing some research online.

The areas on Iceland and notably Reykjavík, as the very important city of Iceland, are extremely special. There are no subways, trams or possibly a train connection to the International Airport KEF. That's approximately fifty minutes away by driving a car to go there. You are well advised to hire a car at the airport. It provides you with all of the comforts you need to find the interesting things to do at capital following your flight once you arrive in Iceland.

Reykjavik Airport car rental companies

As you can usually reach Iceland International Airport with a flight from one of the significant airlines, you should search for progress by comparing prices via aggregator sites to get the best deal. That way you will get a suitable rental car directly on arrival at KEF Iceland Airport and you can begin your holiday straight away.

Also, you can easily reach your booked resort in Reykjavík or among the other areas in the nation. Because once you've arrived at the resort, your pre-reserved rental car is going to be in your hand for the whole holiday.

The Reykjavík airport location is about 38 km from Keflavik. That is the airport for domestic flights. Through the famous ring road, you can quickly reach your resort in Reykjavík or the surrounding area. You can do this easily through pre-booked vehicles at Reykjavík Airport by comparing prices online.

The good news is that you can also quickly reach various tourist attractions from this capital city. The airport in Reykjavík is relatively easy to manage. You can easily find pick-up locations from the vehicle rental business as soon as you arrive. Even if this is your first visit to Iceland.

The bag straps to your suitcases and the auto hire counters are very close together. On the other hand, the pick-up station for your rental car isn't always staffed, based on when your flight lands. Therefore, it can be tricky to pick up ahead.

For this reason, you should know beforehand when the counters are busy. All these are situated to the right of the exit gate at the arrivals hall in Reykjavík Airport.  By following it you'll find the car with its key is waiting for you in one of the car parks across the airport.

It is not impossible that the car rental company that you have chosen at an affordable price doesn't have an airport pick-up station. But this is not a problem because you will be picked up by the driver from the company based on your request.

24/7 Office Hours Car Rental Companies In Reykjavik Airport

Here are some trusted car rentals at Reykjavik airport with full hours office.
  • Cars Iceland
  • Reykjavik Cars
  • Orange Car Rental
  • Lotus Car Rental Iceland
  • Campervan Iceland
  • Reykjavik Auto

A Little Tips When You Hire A Car At Reykjavik Airport

Be sure to always comply with the law in force in Iceland. The requirement to drive a rental vehicle or car must be at least 20 years old and have a driving license for at least one year. Maybe for some other vehicles such as campervan rental companies internally have a rule that the driver is at least 21 years old. If you are under 25 years old or maybe you have exceeded the safe age limit then you are a risk driver. You have to pay more because of this.

Make sure you drive safely. Don't exceed the specified speed limit. The streets of Iceland are monitored by cameras. You will cry if you get a ticket. You can pay a fine at a very expensive price. Especially if you travel to Iceland with a limited budget where you have to be able to save a lot of money.

Make sure there are no hidden costs. There is no problem if you ask them a lot about car rental policies. You can ask about insurance, fuel rules, equipment such as GPS, Wifi, or winter tires, where to pick up or drop-off, deposits, and so on. Hopefully, you can start your dream to get great experiences through your trip to Iceland.

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