Planning A Trip To Iceland for Newcomers: Avoid These Mistakes

You really choose the right place if you put Iceland on your trip destination list. But maybe the only thing that makes you doubt is about what plans you have to make and how you have to do a self-drive tour there. Is this the first time for you? If so, then maybe you want to read more because you are in the right place now. We will give you some information about planning a trip to Iceland mistakes that many beginner travelers often make. Therefore you should avoid those to get a good trip as you wish.

planning a trip to Iceland

Bad Plan Vacation Lead to the Bad Experience

Even though without a trip plan you don't always get unpleasant experiences, but if you don't know what you are going to do then you will spend a lot of time and money on things that are not necessary.

We have talked a lot with travelers and what is interesting is that they have turned out to be many of the same mistakes. They also told us a lot about the bad experiences. But, after we go through the source of the problem together, it all starts when they choose a plan that isn't right or they don't even have a plan at all.

Therefore we want to help you, to clear up for you about mistakes when planning a trip to Iceland. Especially for beginners. The following are some of the most common mistakes found in the plan.

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1. Vacation without a trip budget plan

If you read about the comments of people who have just come to Iceland and/or have visited there, you might find some similarities. It doesn't have to be in the same sentence, but the meaning implies the same thing. Yes, it is the cost. The fact is Iceland is currently ranked 5th as the most expensive country in the world. However, this does not stop anyone from traveling here. Iceland is not the best choice for budget travelers, but that doesn't mean you can't do it. Many ways to save your trip costs in Iceland.

So we often hear words like "Wow, the food menu is very expensive here!" or "What? Why is the fuel price high here?" or  "Why is the price of a car rental so expensive here?". Why does this happen? This is because they didn't do research first about Iceland before. They just go without arranging the budget for accommodation and transportation.

Thus, knowing the cost of accommodation or transportation needs (car rental or others) from the start of departure from the place of origin to the destination must be planned properly. It's better to be surprised by the price when you plan a trip before visiting rather than be surprised by the costs when you are there.

2. A lot of time is wasted

Tourists usually want to do a lot of things in Iceland although they actually know that they only have a little time there. But they don't consider the season when they arrive. You must understand that if you use tour guide services or self-drive tour by rent a car, what you get in one day will vary greatly. This depends on what time you come and where you will be traveling. Of course, the day trip will be very different in July compared to January, as well as the road conditions.

What often happens is that travelers often send itineraries to the tour services in the form of a long list of what they want to do in one day. But they did not know about the weather during the day and year. For example, the weather is not always friendly in winter so it is not possible to go to highland. 

The tour decision to cancel to the destination may occur in anytime because of safety reasons due to bad weather and limited visibility. The result is that they cannot realize what they expect. So planning for the arrival time and what you want to do at that time becomes important.

3. Underestimate the weather

Many people talk about how bad the weather is in Iceland. So it's true, new travelers also think that the weather is one of the worst in the world, extreme with rain and ice, and other bad things. But when they got there, they got perfect weather, everything looked fine.

You will not know what happened in the future. Once, you might be in an opposite situation. Because there are new tourists a few days here, but they say as if they know everything and don't care about the weather. Ignoring the weather in Iceland is a mistake.

We don't intend to scare you, but one day if it happens you might be able to witness the mighty Icelandic storm. The storm can keep you awake all night, make buildings shake, it's all pretty scary. The conclusion is that the weather in Iceland is difficult to plan. You might be able to get a monthly weather average guide in Iceland when you come and read it. So, to plan the weather in Iceland, all you can do is expect friendly weather when you are there.

4. Don't have/pick the right equipment or car

If you don't know what equipment you will bring or what vehicle will you use there, you should not go to Iceland. Because it would be better if you know all your needs first.

When we talk about equipment, then, of course, it's like footwear, or clothes according to the conditions there. In addition, there may also be various other equipment that you need during the trip. You must check your road trip equipment and make sure the car rental has provided what you need. You certainly don't know when you are stranded and have to spend the night somewhere, flat tires, engine damage, and so on.

So before you leave, make sure you bring the right equipment such as drinks, warm clothes, food. It really will threaten you in an emergency, and so on. In addition, use the right car for the appropriate road conditions and seasons. This aims to reduce your risk of being stranded on the road, trapped in the snow, trapped on mountain roads, feel insecure or unsafe on the way, and so on.

5. Forget about the outside area

The last is only focus on the main road. In this context, the main area is the Golden Circle south coast. Most people know that the southern region of Iceland as the main area provides such beautiful scenery from other worlds. It's a popular area for all the reasons, so you'll find a lot of tourists here.

But the area outside is a miracle. Why? Of course, this isn't because of only a few travelers you will find in this region. When you drive north-west or East yards, at certain times, you may rarely pass other vehicles for hours. It's really only you and nature.

Maybe you will also meet someone from the farm and you will wonder about what an extraordinary life is out here. How do they get groceries, where they have to look for it. What they do every day. To be honest that is the others best part of the trip to Iceland. So, the non-main area is a place that you deserve to explore. Trust us, you will thank you later.

amazing view of north Iceland

So those are some mistakes that are often done by travelers, especially newcomers. Hopefully by reading what we write here could give you the help and understanding of what you should do in planning a trip to Iceland.

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