Iceland 4x4 Car Rental Reviews

As a newly married couple, like most others, we also want a romantic honeymoon. Before marriage, we have determined our plans for that purpose. Yes, we want to go to Iceland. We have seen several blogs discussing their natural beauty. Our simple main goal was to see the amazing northern light. But, we also need good transportation to get there. This is the plan for our first visit so we will give you information about Iceland 4x4 car rental reviews based on what happened at that time.

My husband is very happy to get more than two weeks' leave from his job. We planned that time for the honeymoon. So, we rented a car from the rental for twelve days. We decided to choose a jeep. Actually, I was hesitant about this car rental. Moreover, this is our first time in Iceland. As you know, how you feel when you're in a new place and you don't know much other than what you read on the web and watch through videos.

Iceland 4x4 car rental reviews and northern lights
The Amazing northern lights

Not to mention the comments from people who say scary stories related to car rentals. My husband and I have read about various tips for this. We have even done it a few months before. He convinced me, the most important thing is that we are always together. So, at that time I saw a brief positive testimonial about this car hire company from someone. Indeed, this company does not have many reviews.

The only attraction for us at that time was the price which was quite competitive. We both discussed again and finally decided to choose it. Because we want to save, after marriage we certainly need a lot of money for various needs. It turned out that the decision we made was right. We are very happy to have used their services and gained valuable experience. Therefore we want to share this story with all of you.

Hotel pick up to car rental office

In Iceland, we stayed in a hotel in Hafnarfjordur. Their representative then picked us up to go to their office and that was at no extra charge. We think this is certainly good enough. Their service is quite professional. We were warmly welcomed and also got coffee. Nice. Even though it's small, but this company still tries to provide good servants to customers. I appreciate it.

We decided to take Jeep Cherokee automatic transmission after several considerations. We also choose SCDW and GP insurance for protection during the trip. We also get free GPS. Not bad to help us explore Iceland. This car is actually for a capacity of 5 passengers, but we are only two. So we are free enough to carry a lot of luggage. We get the same vehicle as we ordered online and they give it time. We know that the vehicle is actually older compared to other car rentals. But the most important thing for us at that time was to be able to drive it comfortably and not have problems on the way.

Moreover, we are newcomers who don't know much about self-drive tours. GPS makes things easier and gives us peace of mind. We did have plans to go some distance and get off track to enjoy the northern lights together. Therefore, you definitely need it and we advise you to use it. One more thing that makes me happy is that the car is very clean, neat, and doesn't smell bad. As a woman, I really like cleanliness. Even though on the adventure later, we are not sure if we will go back with a clean car.

The rental representative gave us directions about what was covered and what was not covered by insurance. He said that damage to the car, theft, or damage when crossing the river would not be covered by the insurance we chose. Ok, so at that time we remembered about what he said and were always careful on the trip.

Besides explaining to us the importance of insurance, at that time he also told us the importance of holding the car door when opening it. Although it seems trivial, we still remember when we got out of the car to take pictures of the amazing nature of Iceland. He also reminded that when returning the gas tank car must be full.

But before starting driving we also took detailed photos of car parts. Includes the exterior and the bottom of the car. We think the off-road tires are an impressive part of a jeep. The size is bigger than the standard highway tires even though this is clearly different from the off-road super-jeep property.

Return the car

When we returned the car, we were worried if there was damage. This process is not long. Finally, the officer told us that everything was fine. As your guess, we were glad to know about it from him. This is more because of a large amount of information we receive about the tricks of car rental that try to take more money from its customers. Especially when returning a vehicle. But what we experienced was not the case. We are quite satisfied with the service they provide.

We are very grateful to spend our honeymoon here. This is an unforgettable trip. They provide good servants, good communication, and decent vehicles.  We returned the car to Reykjavik's office, the location was easy to reach, and again, they also kept giving us free coffee!. I'm Kate, thanks to spending a little of your time to read my story.

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