How to Get Transportation From Keflavik Airport to Reykjavik

Iceland is a pleasant destination for vacation and adventure. But before heading to your favorite tourist attractions you also need to know how to transport from Keflavik airport to Reykjavik. Of course, you don't want to make mistakes that make you have to pay more or make you lose a lot of time. Especially if you come here with a limited budget or are in a hurry. Therefore we are very happy to be able to help you by providing information about what you need.

transportation from Keflavik airport to Reykjavik
Directions at Keflavik Airport

About Keflavik airport

With the largest area and busiest activity, Keflavik airport is the main airport in Iceland. Its existence is also very important for almost all international traffic. By looking at its location in between the North American region of Canada and Europe makes it a strategic place for transfer flights.

The number of passengers at this airport continues to increase rapidly. In 2014 it exceeded 3 million passengers and in 2108 it could reach more than 10 million. Its growth is very rapid from year to year. Therefore, they will improve continuously because they used to have the old manual system which is still slow compared to the significant increase in passenger numbers.

Thus the airport has the challenge to increase the number and satisfaction of customers while maintaining the best service. The facilities and peoples safety is the main focus because the growth in traffic has increased dramatically. This is could be a good indicator that Iceland has become a favorite tourist destination for travelers around the world.

The best solution is to improve the infrastructure to balance the scheduled flight departure and arrival times. So, besides continuing to improve services, airport buildings must also be scalable and upgradable. Or at least maintenance can continue well. Thus it can reduce stress levels from airport officials while providing valuable new experiences for passengers.

The airport also focuses on operating speed and security checkpoints. Implementation of the effort combined solution has given great benefits. In 2017, 90% of passengers had an average waiting time of fewer than 5 minutes. Meanwhile, 99% of passengers went through every 1 to 10 minutes.

That is, if more passengers are happy, more time at the airport, the greater the income to the airport. Listening to customer desires and complaints is the key to continuing to be able to improve from time to time and continue to move with full optimism.

How can I go from Keflavik Airport to Reykjavik?

Basically, you can use public transportation and rent a car to travel from Keflavik to Reykjavik. The distance between the two is 50 km and can be reached with a maximum time of about 45 minutes.

The mistake of the newcomers is to directly use a taxi at the airport. They were very surprised because they had to pay relatively expensive fees. They have to spend more than 200 euros, and they also think that it is fraud. But the reality is not so. That is the actual cost set by regular taxis, the taxi drivers don't cheat tourists.

Therefore, we will provide you with important information as a guide to travel according to your destination.

Rent a car

How long are you going to stay here? If you will be here longer than two or three days then we recommend that you choose to rent a car. Especially if your goal is to visit various beautiful sights in Iceland.

Public transportation has a limited route. They cannot take you there and obviously not the main choice when you are going out of Reykjavik. Indeed there are private transportation companies such as buses that can take you to the main routes along Iceland. But, believe us, you will be easier and freer when you do your own exploration.

hire a car in Iceland

Airport transfers sometimes worry new tourists. If you are one of them, then it's better if you rent a car directly at Keflavik airport. Thus you can get rid of your doubts about that. However, if you live in the city for more than one day, then you can also order your rental car there. But obviously, a mistake if you think the rates are cheaper compared to picking up at the airport.

You must still do a comparison of the total prices of some of the many car rental companies there. We also give tips on how to find the affordable car rental in Iceland.

Choose public transportation

Using public transportation facilities such as buses is cheaper and relatively convenient. Bus 55 is a vehicle that can take you to Reykjavik. But, this transportation also has drawbacks. The main limitations are in terms of schedule. When outside working hours or weekends, you will rarely find this bus or have to wait long enough. You can feel very upset if you miss the bus because you can wait for the next bus to arrive for a very long time.

Therefore, if you have a very important business and come at that time, we recommend that you do not choose this transportation. This bus gives you an advantage if you come to Iceland with a limited budget and have enough free time because the cost is the cheapest.

Private Airport Transfer

If you have enough money, don't mind spending a little more, and need quick access to your destination then you can use private airport transfers.  A friendly personal driver on time will wait for you at Keflavik airport. No more problems due to full or slow buses, or late flights.

How about the cost? For this matter, they are very transparent and you can clearly find that the rate is lower than a taxi of about thirty to forty euros.

We give you a trick if you feel this fee is too expensive. The trick is not to rent this transportation alone because you have to pay all the costs yourself. Therefore, you can invite several people, for example, you can add two more people so each of you can pay less. This is because the total cost will be shared by three people.

If you travel in groups, for example, totaling six or eight people, then you can choose to transfer using a minibus. This is quite cheap because everyone only has to pay a few euros. It is certainly better compared to you have to pay an eight-fold when using it for your self.

We recommend that you always be careful about this transportation matter. You may get lots of offers from private transfer companies. But, if you don't pay attention to the price carefully and immediately decide to use it then you can regret it. Because they could charge more expensive than taxis, even though not all of them are like that. Therefore, first check every detail of your travel costs if you plan to use their services.

By Taxi

Using a taxi to Reykjavik is for those who have a lot of budgets and are more concerned with flexibility. But not for newcomers with a thrifty holiday plan. We often read in forums or on social media that tourists pay 150 - 200 euros for their trips from Keflavik and Reykjavik by taxi. Many newcomers were surprised and some comments were negative, but many also gave advice and shared related experiences.

This transportation is an example of the fastest alternatives cars to get to Reykjavik. So, do you have to use a taxi? Actually, this depends on your current situation, budget, and also what you expect from a transportation.

If you live in a city hotel and use a taxi from Reykjavik airport to the city center then you might pay around two hundred to two hundred fifty euros. Whereas if your destination is further away, then it is difficult to estimate how much you have to pay and you may prefer other transportation.

Airport Direct Shuttle Bus

The total transfer time can almost certainly be faster with a little expensive cost when you use Airport Direct compared to Flybus or GrayLine. But this will also still depend on the location of your hotel. So it's not always the case.

The minibus shuttle will take you directly from the airport to the hotel in Reykjavik where you will stay. They will not take you to the bus terminal first, meaning your time is not wasted.

However, there are some of the important considerations that you should know if you choose this transportation.

First, you may have to pay more if you exceed the permitted baggage capacity. You are only allowed to carry one carry bag and a large suitcase. Maybe this is not the right choice if you carry a lot of things.

Second, the departure schedule is not flexible which can cause problems. You must buy a ticket at a certain time. No matter what, if you experience flight delays then the seats you have ordered on the next bus are not guaranteed.

Third, limited operating time. You can use this bus to the city between 4:15 a.m. to 5:15 p.m. Whereas if you need it from Reykjavik to the airport, the operating hours are from 04.00 am to 04.00 pm.

Airport Direct is the right choice if everything goes according to your plan.


Another alternative transportation that you can use from Keflavik airport to Reykjavik is GrayLine Airport Express. They have the Holtagarðar bus terminal a few miles away from the city center and this needs your attention. Therefore, you can simply make an airport transfer reservation for pickup and drop-off at the hotel where you live. The shuttle bus they have is almost the same as Flybus.

This bus has its own policy if your flight is delayed. Maybe you can ride the next bus using the same ticket. But this rule can also change at any time. When booking a ticket you need to mention the bus time and transfer from the airport.


Flybus is a flexible scheduled transportation that can take you to Reykjavik comfortably. The departure schedule is every thirty-five or forty minutes from your arrival at Keflavik airport. The advantage is that they can adjust the schedule when there is a delayed flight departure. Therefore, they will be there and waiting for you outside the terminal building.

Another comfort they give is about tickets. The ticket you buy can apply to each bus. Even though you currently miss the bus, you can still use it for the next bus. What about the number of luggage? Take it easy, they do not give restrictions for your luggage or at least they still allow it if it is larger than the normal baggage size.

flybus from keflavik to reykjavik

You should reserve a bus ticket early because the company will guarantee you to get a seat. Because it's cheap and other advantages, this bus can also be very crowded.

The bus can give you two choices. First, head to the BSI bus terminal in the capital city of Reykjavik. Second, drop-off directly at the hotel. So, which one do you choose?. Indeed, there are differences in the cost of about a few euros. A simple tip for you is if your hotel is located far from the terminal you should take the second option.

You can order Flybus again if you will leave the hotel in Reykjavik and go to the airport. Just pay attention to the information on the voucher if you choose to be picked up on the spot. Because the bus can wait at the nearest stop to the hotel rather than waiting for you in front of the hotel.

Those are some of the ways and transportation you can choose from Keflavik airport to Reykjavik. Hopefully, this information can help you. Please share articles with friends or other people in need.

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