How Much to Rent a Car in Reykjavik?

When you decide to rent a car in Reykjavik or at the airport, surely you will think, how much is it? Especially if you travel to Iceland on a budget. Yes, car rental prices in Iceland are high. But you can also make it more economical with tips on how to find the rental car we provided earlier.

So how much does it actually cost to rent a car in Reykjavik? The answer will depend on what type of car you choose, your arrival time, and whether you will add extra costs. Tools such as GPS, Wifi router, or baby seats will be charged an additional fee. The amount of the fee can vary for each car rental. Or maybe you also want to add other insurance to be safer on the way. Of course, you will pay more for that.

If you come to high seasons which usually start in mid-June to August, then the cost of car rental in Reykjavik will be high. It's easy to understand. The more tourists come, the fewer cars available. They raise prices. Whoever dares to pay more, then he will drive a rental car.

how much to rent a car in reykjavik

If you arrive in November - February, it can be the cheapest for your accommodation and transportation. Not only car rentals, but also airline tickets, and residences, such as hotels or hostels. In those months many discounts are offered.

The conclusion is that if you want to save a lot, avoid to come in the high seasons. Conversely, if you want to save a lot of money, you just come on shoulders or offseasons. Car rental companies in Reykjavik are competing to find customers. So, their strategy is to reduce prices. They usually have a lot of car stock in that season.

Where Can I Find and Compare Prices for Car Rentals in Reykjavik?

There are several types of cars that you can rent in Reykjavik. Actually, this is the same as in a car rental company that you know in general, only the location is different. These types are:
  • Economics, with the cheapest prices
  • Compact
  • Intermediate
  • Standard
  • Fullsize
  • SUV
  • Luxury
  • Campers
To find rental car prices that suit your needs, you can visit several aggregator sites below:
  • Kayak
  • Guide to Iceland
  • Travel Supermarket
Before you decide to pick a car, ask your self, are you sure of your choice? You should be aware that choosing a car that suits the conditions of the roads of Iceland could determine the smoothness and comfort of your vacation. You definitely don't want to regret all the way because you go with the wrong car. 

Can you take right decision if you need a tough four wheel drive or two wheel drive? What is the passenger capacity, where is the destination of your trip, and in what season will you come? These factors can help you choose the best deal car. 

On the off-season, you can get an economy-type rental car for a minimum about $30 / day (excludes estimated taxes and fees, so total cost about $75). While in high-season the price can be higher, maybe around $100 for the same type. You can estimate how much the rental car is for the higher type. The price of a 4 WD car rental is more expensive than 2 WD.

What Do You Need to Compare from Car Rentals in Reykjavik?

Another consideration is whether the car rental company in Reykjavik has good credibility? Then what do you get from the rental price? Do you get proper insurance? Or other free facilities?  Do you get free pick-up and free cancellation fees? Therefore, to find the best price is not an easy matter. You can get very cheap prices, but you should forget if you are not sure and can make a loss.

We know there are so many prices out there that Reykjavik auto hire offers. So choose carefully. You can also make reservations in advance to get a cheaper price. Is the low price is everything? Maybe not. You also definitely want a comfortable vehicle, especially if you drive with the family.

Of course, the best is the price of affordable car rental, decent protection, and comfortable services and cars. Can you find it in Reykjavik? Certainly. If this is your first arrival plan, you only need to do a little research before you go to Iceland, read the tips or some guidelines.

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