Happy Campers Iceland Review and Tips

If you want to see Iceland in the best way and enjoy its natural beauty in a different style, you can use the services of Happy Campers. You can easily and quickly evaluate through their online site. Not only that their site also contains a lot of information that can be a great help when you plan a trip.

They will still pick you up at the arrival airport even though a few moments before the main office closed. The employees are quite flexible and will give you full support so you can make your trip pleasant without any problems.

Happy Campers Rental: Office, Van, Services, and Employees

You can choose the smallest size camper like Nissan diesel. Even so, this vehicle has a good performance. In addition, the facilities inside are sufficient as a basis for living in the open. There is also a fold-down bed for two people. This room is still enough to make you sleep comfortably. Camper is also very flexible when you need to change travel plans quickly.

Maybe you will find some controls that you don't know in the van. But this is natural, considering that you first used Happy Campers. But trust us. Many facilities in the van can make your trip easier later. It doesn't even matter if you rent it for a relatively long time, like 3 weeks. You will still enjoy it. Not only that, they care about you. They will give you information about insurance and other things that are uniquely related to Iceland. If you want to be picked up and returned to the airport as you wish, they will do it.

The room in the van is quite nice and comfortable. You can cook your food out of the van. You can also store food supplies in a drawer and in a freezer or refrigerator with a large enough size. Many users appreciate the use of solar panels on the roof of the van. This will give you benefits when saving energy during the day. Thus you can still use room heaters at night before falling asleep warmly.

Many users talk about positive impressions after adventuring in Iceland with Happy Campers. They usually recommend this company to anyone. There are also those who give input so that the van is equipped with a dry rack to wash dishes or improve the locking system so that the drawers do not slide out when the van turns sharply. But this is a good idea. They will always try to improve their service to customers from time to time.

The van hire office is situated approximately ten minutes from the KEF Airport and is open from 08.00 AM till 17.00 PM. Rentals need to be picked up and dropped off within those hours.

Happy Campers offers free transportation to and from the KEF Airport and surrounding area, but just through their business hours. This means that you need to make sure that you schedule your arrival time between these hours or for the next day once you arrive.

happy campers iceland review of the van

Type of Camper Van

If you have a 6'3 height you should not choose Happy 1 which is the smallest van. That will feel tight for you. Especially when you travel with family. Bigger Happy 3 can accommodate you all. Even though you bring your wife and three children.

This van is a great way to travel to explore Iceland roads. You might research first with several camper van companies before coming to Iceland. But we recommend that you put Happy Campers on the list. The price is also quite affordable compared to other similar companies. You can get everything you need to explore all the beauty of Iceland.

Happy Campers gives you a variety of van sizes to suit your needs. You can sit on the van and drive to your destinations plan in safety and comfort. If you feel that the folding bed is uncomfortable, but when you make an extraordinary trip, you will no longer care about it. You will be more busy enjoying the awesome Icelandic landscape.

As well as the majority of rental vehicles around the world, don't neglect to bring the driver's license and credit card to secure the rental. The youngest age rule to rent a camper van with Happy Campers is at least 21 years old, and each one the vans are used manual transmission system.

The Prices

Rentals arrive with most everything you need to live within the van including blankets, cushions, camp cooker, cookware, basic kitchen supplies, and a generator powered cooler.

It works great to get the van a comfortable temperature before going to bed, but if you're traveling during a colder period, it's a fantastic idea to have extra cover layers and a personal sleeping bag.  The minimum rental period is three full days, and the cost will vary depending on the season and is divided into low, mid, and high season prices.

The following are the Happy Campers rental prices in USD for September 2018. This price can be high or low depending on when you will book it and can change anytime.

TypeLow Seasons
30% discounts
Middle Seasons
20% discounts
High Seasons
Happy 1 147 168 210
Happy 1 EX 123 140 175
Happy 2 205 234 292
Happy 2 EX 164 187 244
Happy 3 254 290 362
Happy 3 EX 205 234 292

Other extras:

  • BBQ grill: $35/rental
  • Camping chair: $18/rental
  • Camping table: $23/rental
  • Child car seat: $12/rental
  • Extra driver: $41/rental
  • Garmin GPS: $12/rental
  • Gas canister: $8/rental
  • Gravel protection: $18/rental
  • Inverter: $23/rental
  • Premium package: $58/day
  • Sand and ash: $12/day
  • Sleeping bag: $29/rental
  • Super CDW: $29/day
  • Theft insurance: $12/day
  • Tire Insurance: $12/day
  • Wifi: $47/rental
Happy Campers facility

Useful Map

You will also be given a map to make it easier to find a place to stay overnight. On the map, there is also a location for views in the open camp. Even when you arrive at the end of winter or spring and are limited to campsites, it won't be a problem.

Some Useful Tips When You're Traveling Using Happy Campers

If you're looking for an ideal spot to stop once then you can choose N1's.  Perhaps you need a break from driving or if you need to use the bathroom. Here you not only able to refuel both your car and your stomach, but they're also frequently a local hangout from the other smaller cities.

Prepare your own foods will save yourself tons of cash. Try to get groceries from the bigger cities like Reykjavik or Akureyri, and attempt to find:

  • Netto
  • Bónus
  • Krónan,  

Their more affordable prices compared to the smaller stores. If you're looking to purchase alcoholic beverages, you can get it at the airport out of duty-free. Otherwise, you'll need to pay considerably higher prices later due to the expensive taxes.

Remember to fill up the fuel when you are at the halfway mark. When there are lots of gas stations throughout the nation, you will never know just how far the next one will be as there are many distant areas around the island.

It's also a fantastic idea to fill up your drinking water tank when possible. Tap water is totally safe to consume and it's a good idea to save your money. Of course, you can almost always find drink water easily to refill your tank for free. You can find this facility at gas stations or campsites area. But maybe you still ran out some time. Although it's not the end of the earth. It's definitely frustrating.

The opening and closing time of stores and gas stations in smaller cities can vary greatly. At that times they have very limited operating hours. So, don't count on businesses activity to be available early in the morning time or late at night. Unless at that time your position is in one of the few bigger cities.

You also can bring a useful extra power strip equipped with an inverter plug for the cigarette lighter. So it is possible to charge all your electronics anytime. You can drain your camera batteries since you could not stop taking photos, so it's nice to control multiple devices simultaneously.


The following are the advantages of Happy Campers related to offices, employees, services, and vehicles.

  • They are responsive to questions from customers
  • Able to provide good facilities for family travel
  • Able to provide fast and friendly service
  • They provide free food in the office
  • You will get free waffles on the first day of pick-up
  • Van with good performance
  • The friendly and pleasant shuttle driver
  • The pickup and drop off process is fast and does not waste your time

Deciding to use Happy Campers can be the best thing you do when you come to Iceland. Starting from your arrival at Keflavik airport, they will give you everything you need. They are very friendly and the process is fast. This is a great way if your level wants to be above the normal tourist route.

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