Blue Car Rental Iceland Reviews

Traveling to Iceland without a plan should not be done. Especially if it is the first time you come and the location is abroad. Because it can cause you to spend more money, that way will cause your time to run out because you have to take care of something that you should be able to manage first. For example, finding the right transportation to visit tourist attractions.

Therefore, this time I want to give you information about vehicle hire service from one of the trusted and best companies in this field. Hi, I'm Steve. In this guest post, I will share with you my experience, the blue car rental Iceland reviews, and also how about the service they provide.

How to Reach Blue Car Rental Office Near Airport?

You can reach the office easily by shuttle bus. But in my opinion, it's better if you don't wait for the bus. Because the distance when you walk from the car park to the shuttle bus is the same as you go straight to their office. So I think walking is a better choice because it doesn't waste time. But this is up to you.

This is an easy guide if you just come to the airport and want to go to the blue car rental office. It's not difficult to find it because it's located close enough to the airport. Even you can go to that place on foot.

Okay, after you pass the customs point you will see a yellow meeting point sign. After that, you can follow the direction indicated by the sign by turning left. Next, you will go through the hall departure area, following the sign of the meeting point. Then you can turn left there, leading to the hallway and headed out.

When you get outside you can see the big Blue Car Rental office. The distance is about two hundred and fifty meters on the right. To get there, you can follow the road in the P1 car parking area in front of you. Continue to follow the path to the office. You will easily see their office on the way.

Next, turn left when you find a road sign with the words Blikavollur. You are almost there, the office is located at area Blikavellir 3. From there you can see it clearly. Congratulations, they will warmly welcome you there.

blue car rental Iceland reviews

Why do You Have to Choose This Car Hire Company?

There are several reasons that you should consider why blue car rentals must be included on your list. Such as the following. When I planned my visit to Iceland, to be honest, I found it difficult regarding this transportation problem. I really don't know which car rental company I should choose because it seems like I to be overloaded with various information. Especially after reading various unpleasant stories from customers about car rental in Iceland. This certainly adds to my worries.

But everything changed when I got information directly from my best friend. He suggested I use a blue car rental. At that time I trusted him, but at that time it was more because I trusted my friend. I plan to go there with three other adults and one child. I saw prices on their site and decided to choose a 4x4 manual vehicle because the price was quite affordable. In addition, some insurance coverage such as CDW, Thief Protection, SCDW, GP, and VAT are included. I am indeed a simple person, so I don't mind compared to if I have to buy other packages that sometimes make me confused.

But anyway, finally we went to Iceland.

Take the car

Unfortunately, at that time our flight was delayed by about an hour. So when we arrived at Keflavik airport, time was past midnight. We were worried about whether the office was still open at a time like this? But when we reach the arrivals, I was relieved. Because we saw someone waiting for us and holding a card with my name. He kindly invited us to enter the van and drive us to the blue car office. It turned out that the distance was not far, just a few minutes from the airport.

After we arrived, we presented a Dacia Duster, a manual according to my choice. The car looks good. Then we together conducted an inspection with the man and showed a stone chip, this doesn't seem to matter. But before I still took photos and videos of the car before I actually used it.

After that, we headed for the signing of a rental contract. We are glad to get a portable Garmin GPS. He provides services as quickly and as best as possible because it is late at night and we also need rest. Before we brought the car, he reminded me not to exceed the speed limit because of the cameras along the road. Because if I get a ticket, the company must collect a fine through my credit card. Besides that, the fine is also very expensive. I think this is good information for newcomers in Iceland.

I am happy because the satellite navigation they gave was very helpful in traveling around Reykjavik. The direction shown is very clear and able to print the route. But the most important thing is to make our trip easier and more comfortable. I will be warned by detector if I drive over speed and when the distance is approaching the road camera.

We rented for five days and this car provided good performance. We come in winter. They gave us four snow tires. The grip is very good on the road, whether it's rain, wet snow, or dry snow. Even though I'm not used to driving in such condition, this car keeps me confident to do it.

We were driving while talking through the Golden Circle, heading to the south coast and even heading to the Jökulsárlón lagoon. On the first day, there was no problem. But something happened on the second day. When we were around Gullfoss waterfall. Because it was so nice, we were there for almost an hour, and when we left, I felt like someone was putting a clamp on one of the wheels of my car. What happened? I looked at the rear wheel, it couldn't spin and jam.

I didn't think long and immediately called blue car rental and told them if it was cold and windy here, while the rear brake of the car was locked. We are worried about being cold and freezing. He clearly gave a guide to push the car forward and back until it could release. If we can't do it they will immediately send a mechanic and we will get a replacement car when returning to the hotel. We decided not to wait for them and together followed the guidelines given. Finally, we do it gradually and the rear wheel loosens. Soon it can spin again perfectly.

We feel this car has no problems. This occurs as a result of extremely cold temperatures which cause brake freezing. This case is common in vehicles that have disc brakes. So, we contacted them again to make sure that we don't need the mechanics. The company employee also asked me if I wanted to change the vehicle. But I think I like this vehicle, so I said no to his offer.

The important tip for you is if everything around is freezing you should not use the handbrake when putting your car on flat ground. You only need to use first gear for a car with a manual transmission or set it in P (park) for the automatic transmission. We realized that most of the Gulfoss waterfall froze at that time.

Return the car

Finally, it was time for me to return the rental car. Actually, I am worried if I have to pay more because the condition is dirty. I've been driving more than a thousand miles and through various weather conditions. Because I was hesitant, I took the initiative to contact them again to just ask if I had to bring it to the car wash first before returning it. But they say that I don't need to do it. But he also further asked whether it was really dirty? And I answer this is only due to normal use.

We are grateful because after the inspection of the vehicle everything was declared to be fine. And most importantly, we do not charge even a penny extra. Then we both sign the work documents. The whole process is not long, only about ten minutes. They then politely invited us to get into the van and drive us back to the airport along with our luggage.

Although there are obstacles such as brakes freezing, that is actually not a problem with the car or the fault of the rental. That can happen to anyone during extremely cold weather. We feel, they care about our security and safety and not only pursue profit. Therefore, I recommend their services when you take a self-drive tour to Iceland. I will not do this if they don't provide satisfactory services to customers.

I also advise you to always use GPS. You can also carry your portable if you want to be more cost-effective. Because it seems like not all cars will get the free sat nav. In addition, this is for safety reasons. Prevents you from getting lost, helps control your speed so it is safe from the ticket, and saves a lot more fuel because you can easily get to your destination.

Several times I found road signs blocked by snow and I could not see far because of limited visibility. GPS is very helpful for me when driving because it can inform you precisely when in front there are sharp bends or crossroads.

Don't forget, make sure to always fill the full vehicle tank before returning it. You can get billed if the volume is below the F line. This is not difficult. Many petrol stations are located around their offices. Finally, I can conclude that they have provided us with great experience and service. That's my story with a blue car rental in Iceland. I get what I want from a transportation while traveling.

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