Best Place To Rent A Car In Iceland

If you have a plan to do road tripping in Iceland then you should rent a car. But of the many rental companies there, where is the best place that you should choose? Do you just want to find the cheapest price or the best car? Basically, the price will be directly proportional to the quality, be it in the service sector or type of goods.

But that doesn't mean you can't get great service at a good deal. The key is to spend just a little of your time before you go to Iceland to compare several vehicles hire companies. From there you can conclude which is the best company that can be your choice.

Sounds easy, isn't it? The truth can be yes or not. If you are traveling on a budget to Iceland then transportation is a major cost. Surely this is in addition to other accommodations.

Choose a car according to your needs to travel in Iceland

Factors That Affect the Cost and Things You Need to Consider to Get The Best Car Rental in Iceland

As information for you, we will provide several factors that can cause why car hire prices can vary from company to company and how to go to the most suitable service.

1. Your arrival time in Iceland and The Prices

If you previously heard that vehicle rental rates are cheap from a friend and when you check again via online the price is much higher. You can't be upset with your friend.  All you have to ask is when did he come to Iceland before? If he comes at off-seasons or shoulder seasons, the price is cheaper compared to the high-seasons or summer seasons.

In mid-June to August all prices are expensive. Be it flight tickets, car hire, lodging, entrance fees to tourist attractions, food, and so on. So it's important to plan when you come to Iceland to find the best auto hire company here. We assume the best place here is in terms of costs and services because that is what most customers look for from a rental car.

You can compare the same prices for vehicles with the same type. Whether it's economic type, standard, compact, SUV, jeep, luxury, and so on.

From there, you can see what they offer. The rule is that the more you get from a price, the better. Maybe one of the rental companies provides free GPS or Wifi facilities while others don't. Or there are those who offer you insurances that is cheaper and more complete compared to others. It can all really help you to decide which one you will choose.

2. Additional Fees

If you plan to be picked up at Reykjavik or Keflavik airports, make sure they don't charge extra fees. There are lots of cars hires around the airport or city. And in fact, the two places are the biggest car rental center in Iceland. Lots of choices here. They offer competitive prices, specials, discounts, and various attractive packages. One more thing, usually they don't take fees if you drop off the vehicle in a different place but still in the same area when you pick up the car. But it's better to see the policies they have first.

Many of them have offices in Reykjavik or Keflavik. As a consideration, companies that provide free pick-up service, usually use a shuttle car will be great.  You can put it on the list as an option. In addition, vehicle rental companies with many branch offices also make you more flexible. So why don't you take it as a candidate too!.

3. Many Vehicles They Offer And The Latest Models

What do you feel if you visit an auto rental place and see only a few vehicle models available? Or they have a lot of cars but the model is outdated? Surely you want to find another place. Especially if the price they offer is quite high.

Cars with the latest models, clean, with a comfortable interior will make you more confident when driving. Especially if you will make a long land trip for several days.

Usually, the price of a new vehicle rental is slightly higher even though it is not always the case. If you are concerned with comfort while traveling then this company is the right choice. But see also some of the previous factors as a guide.

4. Testimonials From Customers

Testimonials are what customers say after using a car rental service. This is also good information for you. The key is the more testimonials and the better the rating, then you can take it as an option. At least read some comments from customers.

You can get something from there regarding the auto hire. Or you can also hear it directly from the experience of friends or relatives who have used their services. Listen to their responses and you can draw conclusions.

Some car rental companies with reliable credibility that you can consider to be chosen are:
  • Cars Iceland
  • Blue Car Rental
  • Lotus Car Rental
  • Orange Car Rental
  • Lava Auto Car Rental
  • CampEasy Iceland
  • Reykjavik Cars
  • Go Campers Iceland


Those are some ways you can do to get a car rental with the best prices and services. Also, you can create your own note or personal checklist to ensure nothing is missed when you compare several companies. Remember your comfort and safety on the trip are the most important thing.

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