Best Northern Lights Tour Reykjavik That You Should Try

Having the best northern lights tour experience in Reykjavik becomes an unforgettable satisfaction. As a tourist, you will be amazed to see natural phenomena in the form of beautiful light dances around the sky of the North Pole. Where this is the effect of the atmospheric interaction with solar particles known as the Aurora Borealis. Usually, this light appears in the winter, throughout the month of late August to April.

What needs to be noticed is that you will not always be able to watch it at night as you wish. This is a tour that is strongly influenced by weather, aurora activity, and clarity of the sky. This means that perfect darkness without clouds will make the view of northern lights more clear and beautiful. Due to the influence of the weather, observation spots can vary from previous days.

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What Do You Need To Prepare Before Your Departure To Iceland?

Before departure, you should have a plan. Seeing the northern lights is not a year-round tour that you can do at any time. The worst part is that you might not be able to see it even though you arrived at the recommended season.

So, you should book on the first day, don't wait longer. The aurora may not appear in the last few days of your time in Iceland. Especially if you only have a short time in Iceland. Remember, you must be there at least seven days. The longer the better. Your chance to be able to see it is getting bigger.

Apart from that, here are some tips you can follow.

1. Check the weather forecast before you come to Iceland. You can monitor it through the Icelandic Meteorology website. You can see maps, sky conditions, and weather in the next few days. You can estimate your chance to see the aurora.

2. We recommend that you do not delay book a tour on your first day in Iceland.

3. Know how your camera works correctly. Check whether it works properly. Practice taking the best picture.

4. If you want to get the best photos you must also bring the appropriate equipment. So bring your personal tripod if possible. Although the tour can provide a tripod on each bus, the number is limited. The usage is based on the order of arrival. Therefore, carrying your own tripod makes it more comfortable and freer.

5. Prepare clothes that can protect you from extremely cold temperatures. When hunting for northern lights the temperature can be below zero and you will be there for hours in the dark. So it's important to keep your body always warm.

About Reykjavik Excursions 

If you want to experience the aurora borealis hunting with an experienced professional guide, you can use the services from Reykjavik Excursions.


They will notify that information via email and offer for rescheduling. If the tour can be done, they will pick you up at the hotel by shuttle bus on time. Then you will be taken to the bus depot and transferred to a more spacious bus. But you must get printed tour tickets first on the bus depot. Copies of the digital ticket can't be accepted on board.

Aurora Hunting Spots

Light observations can move around depending on weather conditions. Your guide can take you to the lake in a rural area. Far from the city lights pollution. The journey to get there will be fun and not boring. You will get knowledge about light and also hear interesting folk stories. You'll also get tips on how to set your camera to get pictures of the northern lights with the best quality. The way they organized the tour pretty well.

After arriving at the site and seeing Aurora Borealis each tour member can get a photo with a beautiful background of light. Very meaningful as a memento. Of course, this will be the concern of many people when you make it as a profile display on social media. Traveling in the dark, with cold temperatures and the cloudless sky for the sake of seeing something amazing dancing lights. Can't say anything more!

Things to Remember

You can't get a guarantee if you can see the northern lights at the time you want. Therefore, spending more time in Iceland will be better. Things that make you relieved is if you do not get the show then you can rebook on another day free. We think you also need the fortune to see it.

Many say that the best time to see it is in the winter between October and February. But the sky will also be more cloudy. So if you only have two or three days it will probably not be enough.

Don't forget to bring a camera. You cannot use the camera from your cell phone to take pictures of northern lights using flash. The ideal camera is a DSLR. Don't worry, the guide can help you set ISO, shutter speed or aperture.

Seeing the spectacular aurora borealis performances in Iceland is an experience that will not be forgotten throughout your life. Your patience will pay off with beauty in the sky. Make your wish come true by joining the best tour of Reykjavik Recursions.

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