Best Car Rental in Iceland: A Fast Guide For Newcomers Adventure

So you plan to come to Iceland or maybe even now you are at Reykjavik or Keflavik airport? Well, as newcomers maybe you need fast and convenient transportation facilities but feel confused to choose it. Therefore, we will give a quick guide that you should follow to get the best car rental in Iceland.

10 Checklists To Find The Best Iceland Car Rental

Below is a checklist that you must do.

1. Understand about the free cancellation policy

To lure potential customers, there are many auto rental companies in capital offer free cancellation. But what is the true meaning of the term? The word "free" always has a limit. You can get all your money back when you make a booking cancellation but not everything is always as simple as you think. The free cancellation method has various functions and has certain terms and conditions.

The most important thing for you to know is the possibility of your money back depending on when you cancel, order time, the country where you rent the vehicle, and the policy of the car hire station. So, find a company that provides free cancellation as a standard. Others can offer you cancellation insurance at an additional cost.

In order for you to truly believe in the cancellation policy, you must immediately check the terms and conditions. Find more information on where you book your vehicle if there is something unclear.

Make sure you do it before ordering any type of car. Especially if you feel your trip will not go as planned. Then you have to look at the requirements of each vehicle that you are considering. Thus you will have clarity about the choices you take. This free cancellation usually takes place 24-72 hours before pick-up time. If you cancel after that time then you will usually get your money back but reduced by the cancellation fee.

best car rental in Iceland and 4WD jeep
 Explore the nature of Iceland

2. Do you need unlimited mileage?

If you come to Iceland with a plan to travel far, unlimited mileage is the right choice. Although this seems trivial, this is a very important step in making a decision. Unlimited mileage gives you more time when you are likely to get lost during the trip or you need to drive even further. This is a wise choice if you have many roads for you to go through.

You will indeed pay more for the daily rate but the advantage is that you don't have to worry about how far you drive. If you only travel short distances then you probably won't need it. Note that most car rental companies will offer you a mileage in certain kilometers according to various packages. They will then give you a bill for every excess of kilometers traveled from your vehicle. Unlimited mileage can give you peace of mind because you don't need to worry about the distance traveled wherever you go.

The best consideration is if the total money you have to spend more than the budget that you set for limited mileage plan then you can save more and choose the limited mileage package. But if after you calculate the cost is almost the same, you should go with an unlimited package and don't worry about being charged for every kilometer you take.

3. Is it already includes CDW and TP Insurance?

CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) gives you protection from the high deductible costs that you must pay when the car you are using is damaged. This coverage can be assumed to cover almost all the cost of repairing the vehicle.

Given the road in Iceland that you have never explored and extreme weather that can happen at any time, this insurance is worth considering. Especially if you are going to travel long distances because the risk on the road gets bigger. You need insurance to anticipate various unwanted things during the trip. With daily insurance costs that are relatively inexpensive when compared to the risks you have to face, then CDW insurance can be your reason to continue traveling.

TP (Theft Protection) provides protection coverage for you if the vehicle is damaged due to a theft plan or it's lost due to theft. Remember that every auto hire company in Iceland has its own policy regarding this insurance. Some examples that are not covered are everything in the car such as GPS, mobile, or your luggage.

All acts of negligence such as forgetting to lock the car door or closing the window will make this insurance not work. As a result, you will be fully responsible for all costs of the loss. TP insurance is cheap and will work based on a letter of agreement with them. Therefore, you must always be careful when traveling and stay safe.

4. Discount code with the best price and promotions or specials

Iceland is a country with high living costs. Therefore, to save money you should try to find a car hire service that can provide a discount coupon at the best price. You need to compare several places to get details of costs. But you can also get recommendations from friends or colleagues about the company. So, take your time in planning your trip to choose the most economical one before you come to Iceland without wasting much time. So you definitely have a list of several auto rental services for you to choose from.

You can also search for rentals that are doing promotions or give specials if you make a reservation for a certain period. For example, you will get free of fee on the seventh day if you rent a vehicle for one week. Not bad to save your money when exploring in Iceland.

5. What about emergency assistance?

Emergency assistant at 24/7 will give you great help at any time if your vehicle has a problem or you have an accident while traveling. Usually, telephone calls are free but the assistant's fees will depend on the level of damage, how far your location is, and other more complex problems. Note that they will tell you the fees that you must pay when you contact them.

Important tips for you are to make sure the partners who are emergency assistance from the car hire company are trusted with good credibility. They must be professional and competent, quick to do their work when helping you. Next, the goal is that they can come quickly to the location when you need it. Make sure they also have partners that are widely spread in the area that you will go through.

You may be charged an additional fee if the damage is due to an error or your own fault, but if the emergency assistant can track and find out that the problem is caused by the rental company then you will not replace the damage. You will immediately get a replacement if the car you are using is no longer possible to use on the trip. Using emergency assistance can help you not be stuck for a long time due to problems with vehicles in the deserted nature of Iceland.

6. Does the car rental have a large selection of models?

Auto car rental reviews with the latest models and have many choices will indeed be more attractive. In addition, this situation will also make you more confident when driving or taking photos with the vehicle you use on the trip.

Auto manufacturers also always present the latest technology in their latest series. Well, you have the opportunity to use it to explore the beautiful nature of Iceland. Wouldn't this be fun?.

You come to Iceland to visit various destinations with your family, friends, and some luggage. When you come to a car rental service with huge models then you can be freer to choose the car according to your plan. For example, you need a 4x4 like land rover or 2WD system, a capacity of 5 or 7 people, wider baggage, and so on. Not only that, you can also calculate costs for various vehicles. Thus, you can decide on the best choice at an affordable price but can still fulfill your needs. More choices mean better.

7. I need a free pickup and drop off to save money

With free pickup facilities, when you come to Reykjavik or Keflavik airports they will pick you up for free with the available shuttle to the rental station. Lots of them located within a distance of about 5-10 minutes from the arrival gate around these two airports. Of course with this convenience, it will help you a lot.

Some may charge you a fee when you drop the car outside the rental station area. You should find out more about this policy. The good news is that there are also many car hire service that provides drop-off facilities for free. But most of this applies when you do it in the same area. For example, the drop-off is free for all Reykjavik areas. While outside the area you will be charged according to company rules.

8. Better with free amendments

If you make a plan change but still use an auto hire then you have the opportunity not to pay the cancellation fee. The way you can do is to change the reservation rather than make a complete cancellation. Many companies provide the free change of vehicle booking policies. This step makes you not have to spend money to pay administrative fees when your registration changes. But the prices will still be adjusted.

For example, when you will choose a vehicle that is more expensive, you will be charged an additional fee and it will be added to the initial reservation. The prices can also go up if you make a reservation change when it is close to the usage schedule.

9. Do you understand my language well? If so, then I choose you!

There is nothing worse than not being able to communicate properly when you visit a place or when you are in contact with a car rental. Without good communication, misunderstandings can easily occur and of course, this will take enough time and your mind. Therefore, international car rental with the service of the competent staff and understand your language is worthy of your consideration and make easier for you to start your adventure.

10. Show me a deal with no hidden fees

It would be much better if you know that there are additional costs in advance rather than there are hidden additional costs that you don't know. Check whether using a GPS navigation system, roof rack, or child seat requires additional fees? Or if you are currently under 25 years old do you have to pay extra? Sometimes there are minimum and maximum age restrictions, so the client who will rent a car outside the limit must pay more. But in accordance with government regulations, the age of the driver must also be in accordance with the minimum age in Iceland.

What if you add more than one driver? Make sure if you choose this option then choose an auto hire that does not require additional fees. Usually, spouse or domestic partner will not be charged additional fees. But who knows?.

The key is that you must read carefully and understand the terms and services of the auto hire company. Looking for offers from a trusted company like Blue Car is a great start.

Well, that's the 10 checklists you need to do to get the best car rental in Iceland at the cheapest rate and good service. Maybe because of the limited time you don't get all the checklists met. But at least you get an auto hire that almost meets your qualifications. We hope that what we write here can help you and hopefully your trip will be enjoyable. Be careful when driving and have fun.

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